Ferran Hueto Puig






Ferran Hueto Puig graduated from UCLA in Mechanical Engineering in Spring 2018. Soon after that, he joined the AutoID Lab's Conversational Commerce team as a Researcher. Before this, he had previously worked in the lab in developing an open interactive e-learning platform. He is currently working on developing speech recognition solutions for conversational commerce, including the development of a multimedia platform to collect and process speech samples for deep learning, using sound texture synthesis techniques to improve speech recognition training, and designing a standard grammar and architecture for smart speaker's so called "wake words" in a similar fashion to the DNS of the internet.

Ferran is from Barcelona, Spain, and is an avid traveller and cook. He lived in Mexico for two years, and tested his skills on the stove as a chef in a pop up restaurant in Barcelona during July 2017. 

List of Publications: 

Gareau DS, Correa da Rosa J, Yagerman S, Carucci JA, Gulati N, Hueto F, DeFazio JL, Suárez-Fariñas M, Marghoob A, Krueger JG. Digital imaging biomarkers feed machine learning for melanoma screening. Experimental Dermatology. 2017 Jul;26(7):615-618